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Project Structure

The important files/directories are as follows:

├── backend/
├── frontend/
├── nginx/
├── tools/

Consider them:


The backend/ directory contains backend code. See below.


The frontend/ directory contains frontend code. See below.

The file contains Docker Compose configuration to run a development environment. Once we run the command docker-compose -f up, compose runs backend API and frontend development containers.

The file contains Docker Compose configuration to run a production environment. We adopted the three tier architecture. Once we run the command docker-compose -f up, compose builds frontend and runs DBMS, backend API and web server containers.


The nginx directory contains a NGINX configuration file and Docker container. They are used only in


The tools directory contains some shell scripts. They are used for CI, CD and so on.

Also, there are directories and files contain doccano v0.x codes. In the future, they will be integrated into the current code or removed:

├── backend/
├── └── server/


The directory structure of the backend follows Django one. The important directories are as follows:

├── backend/
├── ├── api/
├── ├── app/
└── └── authentification/


The backend/api directory contains backend API application. We use Django Rest Framework to implement the API. If you want to add new API, change the contents of this directory.


The backend/app directory contains Django project settings. See Writing your first Django app, part 1.


The backend/authentification directory contains authentification application. It is mainly used for user signup.


The frontent directory structure of the frontend follows Nuxt.js one. See the Nuxt.js documentation for details.